Golden Skeleton Watch

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Check out this awesome automatic skeleton watch. The vintage look and feel to the watch is like taking a step into the past. The automatic skeleton watch, has a gold ring, with gold colored hands, cogs and gears. The brown vintage strap wraps round your wrist. High quality design and build makes it the perfect timepiece for any occasion. On sale now!

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The Golden Skeleton watch is an automatic watch which means the spring and gears of the watch are wound by the arm movement of the user. The gears turn and wind up a mainspring which creates energy for the hands on the watch to move around and tell time. Automatic skeleton movement watches are not popular today because most people prefer quartz watches which have a battery that keeps a quartz-crystal vibrating at a steady rate. This energy is then translated into electric pulses to move each hand on the automatic movement watch. Mechanical watches are better than other watches as the battery never needs to be charged as the mechanical movements charge the watch battery.

The skeleton watch has a vintage feel and is like taking a step into the past when you wear this watch. The watch has a skeleton dial, like other skeleton watches you can see all the gears and components of the watch such as the skeletonized bridges and wheels spinning underneath the analog dial hands.  This automatic timepiece is made from a bronze material that is incredibly strong and sturdy that gives the watch ha contemporary style. The watch features a golden skeleton dial with gold colored hands and a cut-out dial style with balance wheels which make the overall look of the watch stylish and beautiful.

The skeleton watch features a tachymeter which can be used to measure speed. The watch has a rotating disc that shows the number 60 in seconds and the person recording the speed of something can use this to record how fast it is moving. It also features a stainless steel backplate with a transparent glass dial on both the front and the back of the watch.

The skeleton watch features a deployant clasp which means if the person wants to take the watch off they will be able to do so in seconds. The design of the clasp allows it to closely follow the shape of the wrist and is therefore comfortable and easy to put on and take off even when wearing gloves.

The skeleton watch has a case that is made from 316L stainless steel. The back of the watch has glass and is perfectly flat. The glass is incredibly strong and is resistant to scratches which means the golden skeleton watch will remain scratch-free for long periods of time. The glass has been treated with an anti-reflective coating to make it hard for reflections and glare to ruin your view of the face of the watch.

Specification (approx):
– Diameter: 4.2cm (1.65″)
– Thickness: 1.3cm (0.5″)
– Length of watch band: 20.0cm (7.9″)
– Band width: 2.2cm (0.86″)
– Movement: Self-winding Mechanical
– Watch band: Synthetic leather
– Case back: Stainless steel

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Brown leather, Silver Metal


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